Fuss-Free Potluck Perfection

Fuss-Free Potluck Perfection

Publish Date November 2, 2023 5 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Introducing a holiday potluck as a new tradition can be a delightful way to keep celebrations low stress and delicious. Whether you’re hosting or contributing a dish to share, there’s no right or wrong way to potluck. You can start with our holiday potluck ideas, or shake things up with nontraditional dishes. Whatever you end up eating, being together to share laughter and love is the only real menu must-have.

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You’re Preparing The Main Course.

Try our No-Fuss Roasted Turkey, which miraculously requires no brining, no washing, and no basting. Just make sure you do the poultry due diligence so the recipe goes off without a hitch.

Twist on Tradition: Why not free yourself from more traditional main dishes and take a totally new approach? Lasagna can be made from scratch ahead of time, or bake a frozen lasagna (or two).

roasted turkey

No-Fuss Roasted Turkey

Roasting a turkey doesn’t have to be stressful. Simplify the classic main course with this streamlined recipe that turns out golden brown on the outside and juicy throughout.

Turkey Size (1½ lb. per guest)Thawing Time (1 day in fridge per 5 lb.)Roasting Time (approx. 13 minutes per lb.)
8–10 lb. | serves 5–7

1 ½–2 days

1 ¾–2 ¼ hours

10–12 lb. | serves 7–8

2–2 ½ days

2 ¼–2 ½ hours

12–14 lb. | serves 8–9

2 ½–3 days

2 ½–3 hours

14–16 lb. | serves 9–11

3–3 ¼ days

3–3 ½ hours

16–18 lb. | serves 11–12

3 ¼–3 ½ days

3 ½–4 hours

18–20 lb. | serves 12–13

3 ½–4 days

4–4 ½ hours

20–22 lb. | serves 13–15

4–4 ½ days

4 ½–4 ¾ hours

22–24 lb. | serves 15–16

4 ½–5 days

4 ¾–5 ¼ hours

You’ve Been Tasked With A Classic Side.

For many, sides are the true stars of the holiday table. Potatoes are always beloved (sweet or savory, mashed or roasted), as is a big pan of stuffing. Another option? Our 20-Minute Mac and Cheese that’s creamy, cheesy and super satisfying. The real beauty of this dish is that it can do double-duty as a main for picky eaters (we’re looking at you, kids!). Hungry for more? Check out our sides story for additional side recipe recos.

Twist on Tradition: Pick a protein-focused side, like a shrimp dish or even beans as a secondary option to turkey.

Mac and Cheese

Five-Ingredient Mac and Cheese

This homemade, five-ingredient stovetop mac and cheese is almost as quick and just as easy as the boxed stuff, but oh, so much better

You Drew The Salad Straw

Crunchy, salty, savory and a little bit sweet, our Winter Brussels Sprouts Salad adds bright color to the table, and its mustard vinaigrette is addictive. To make this salad work for a variety of diets, serve toppings in separate bowls so guests can mix and match.

Twist on Tradition: Salad can easily accommodate special diets around the table — gluten free, vegetarian/vegan or even keto. Incorporating hearty ingredients makes it a filling option for guests who might be avoiding menu items like turkey or mashed potatoes.

Brussel sprouts salad

Winter Brussels Sprouts Salad

Hearty brussels sprouts create a crunchy base and stay perky for hours after being dressed, making this recipe especially potluck-friendly.

Apps On You.

Appetizers can be as simple as a ready-made dip and crackers, or as complicated as canapés. Strike a tasteful balance by making a homemade app with a premade assist, like our Mushroom and Gruyère Pockets. Our #1 appetizer tip: ensure the dish tastes great at room temperature so it can sit out as people graze.

Smart Move: Whatever you bring, make sure to think it through beforehand. Steer away from choices that require baking right before serving, to avoid adding more to the host’s overworked oven. If it requires a quick assembly, bring your own platter or tray. Also think details — down to serving spoons, cheese knives and toothpicks.

mushroom and gruyere pockets

Mushroom and Gruyère Pockets

Utilizing refrigerated biscuit dough means this recipe comes together quickly and easily. Serve with pesto for an extra boost of flavor.

Sweet, You’re Bringing Dessert.

First off, you’re a genius for signing up for this category. Our Bakery is amazing, and you’ll find a massive selection of all the best freshly baked goodies — from cherry pie, to decadent brownies or ready-made cookies.

Smart Move: Consider dressing up one of our Bakery desserts with a homemade touch. Dip our sugar cookies in melted white chocolate and sprinkle with crushed peppermints. Or check out our reindeer cheesecake hack.

dessert table

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Cheers To Bringing The Drinks.

A bottle of wine or a two-liter bottle of soda is a thoughtful contribution to a holiday potluck — especially for that family member who really doesn’t cook. If you’re a connoisseur, you’ll know just what pairings to pick. Need a little advice? Try our recommendations guaranteed to go with anything.

  • Wine pairing: For white wine, pick up a dry German riesling or unoaked chardonnay and chill it well. Or try a good red blend, like a GSM or Bordeaux blend. If you’re the only one bringing drinks, plan to bring at least one bottle per two people.
  • Beer pairing: When it comes to buying beer with wide appeal, look for a crisp beer that’s easy to pair, like a pale ale, German-style pilsner or light-bodied lager. For bonus points, grab a dark beer for the dessert course, like a coffee porter or milk stout.
  • Nonalcoholic option: While you can certainly offer guests a glass of iced tea or lemonade, there are plenty of fun nonalcoholic cocktails and beers available. Some breweries make nonalcoholic versions of their brews, and there is a wide range of alcohol-free canned cocktails and bottled spirits that convincingly mock the flavor of classic drinks.
  • Custom cocktail: Cocktails are best for serving before and after dinner since they’re very good at whetting appetites and getting everyone in a festive mood. Avoid drinks that are high in alcohol, like martinis and old-fashioneds, and lean toward a big batch-friendly option with a ratio of about 1:4 in terms of alcohol to other ingredients.
bourbon apple punch

Bourbon Apple Punch

Not too sweet and not too boozy, you can make this punch ahead of time. It serves six hot (with maple syrup) or eight cold (with ginger beer).

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red and green floral bouquet

Thoughtful Thank-You’s

Want to bring a host or hostess gift? You’ll find inspired choices in-store.

  • Poinsettia or other festive floral arrangement
  • A holiday scented candle
  • Wreath or small Christmas tree
  • A box or bag of chocolates, caramels or cookie tray
  • Slate cheese board or other tray for entertaining
  • Volunteer to help with tasks like decorating, setting the table and arranging extra seating

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