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Salpica Chipotle Garlic Hot Salsa

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Yeah, he bites. Move over and let the big dog eat! Unleash the smoke, heat and sweet with this go-to hot salsa for easy snackage and late-night eggs. Salpica Chipotle Garlic Salsa with Charred Tomato goes great with warmed tortilla chips, too. Chow down on this tasty salsa made with charred tomatoes, roasted garlic, smoky chipotle chiles and fresh cilantro. Salpica Nuevo Tex-Mex Salsas start the party with cranked-up, big-belt-buckle attitude and an adventurous spirit. Made in the heart of Texas, this hot premium salsa with is inspired by the bold flavors found at local taco trucks and downhome barbecue joints. Get some.