Meet Mariano's Tastemaker, Todd Stein - VP of Culinary, Ballyhoo Restaurant Group

One of my biggest struggles is finding the time to grocery shop while balancing my schedule between three restaurants. Mariano’s allows me to keep up my healthy lifestyle and use my time efficiently, making it easy to grab everything I need in one trip."

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: Chicago, IL.

Q: What neighborhood do you live in and which Mariano’s do you frequent?

A: Wilmette – Glenview East.

Q: What food is your guilty pleasure?

A: Pizza.

Q: What is the last meal you ate?

A: Breakfast stir fry this morning. All kinds of veggies and chicken.

Q: What is your favorite ingredient to use while cooking?

A: Olive oil.

Q: Whose cooking are you most inspired by?

A: Currently, Ignacio Mattos of Estela in NYC. All time, Alain Ducasse.

Q: What would your last meal on earth be?

A: A cheeseburger with American cheese, yellow mustard and carmelized onions.

Q: What’s your go-to condiment?

A: Mustard, all varieties.

Q: What’s your favorite beverage (non-alcoholic or alcoholic)?

A: Non-alcoholic: sparkling water. Alcohol: bourbon.

Q: What is the only thing you can’t leave a Mariano’s without buying?

A: LaCroix.

Q: What’s your favorite dessert?

A: Cheese.

Q: What’s your favorite fresh ingredient?

A: Celery, it is the most underused vegetable in America.

Q: What product are you obsessed with?

A: Vinegars.