Tastemaker Giuseppe Tentori

A chef loved and revered by Chicago, he was born and raised in a small town outside of Milan. At just 19 years old, he received an invitation to learn from

Gabriel Viti and work in his restaurant in Highland Park. From there, Giuseppe spent 9 years honing his skills and philosophy at the famous Charlie Trotter's, creating complex dishes that excite, but don't overwhelm the diner.

Today Chef Giuseppe Tentori is kept exceptionally busy. He's the executive chef at GT Fish & Oyster, earning three stars from the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.

Visit his restaurant: GT Fish & Oyster

Chef Tips

No Claw

Don’t be intimidated by the prep work when grilling king crab legs. Giuseppe recommends the easier route. When ordering, ask you Mariano’s butcher for "no claw." They prep it just right so it’s ready to grill.

The Big Green Egg

When grilling at home, Chef Giuseppe chooses the Big Green Egg grill, a domed ceramic cooker with a temperature control. "It’s a great grill. It’s A++. Its versatility as a grill or smoker makes it great."

Chicken From the Case

I like chicken in the case better because the skin is a little more dry. Not moist like in a bag. It will make the chicken skin a little crispier.