Building Confidence and Personal Care Habits with Your Tween

Building Confidence and Personal Care Habits with Your Tween

Publish Date October 5, 2022 4 Minute Read
Author Unilever

It can be tough to talk to tweens about body odor. But we’re here with some helpful tips to steer the conversation and focus on self-confidence in a way that keeps things comfortable for you and your tween. The best conversations start when you:

  • Talk early. Prepare them for puberty and all that comes with it, so they’re ready when the time comes.
  • Be excited. Let enthusiasm replace any awkwardness in the conversation. Growing up can be hard, but starting with a positive attitude makes a big difference.
  • Create choices. Make it an adventure by giving them the power of choice when it comes to their personal care products and habits. You’re the one buying the deodorant, but they’re the ones walking the hallways at school.

Of course, everyone is different. To celebrate the unique personalities and lifestyle choices of your tweens, The Kroger Co. has teamed up with Unilever's deodorant brands, Degree®, AXE®, Dove®, Schmidt’s® and Suave®, in a program called Scents of Confidence – your guide to personal care conversations with your tween. Read on to discover ways to connect based on their personality type: Is your teen a Creative, an Activist or a Mover?

Talking to: Creatives

Is your tween keen on the latest TikTok trends? Do they find community in creative experiences, like gaming and music fandoms? Then you’ve got a Creative on your hands. Creatives deserve to feel confident in their work. From the fine lines of a new painting to the bassline of a new beat, confidence is the key to letting creativity flow.

This is where you can start the conversation with your Creative tween. Inspire them to bring creativity and self-expression into their personal care routine with uniquely scented deodorant options from favorites like Suave® and Dove®, or anti-white-mark deodorant options from Degree®, so they can focus on art - not odor. When you provide them with a variety of personal care options and the confidence they empower, their art can be the main event.

Talking to: Activists

Does your tween prioritize the world around them? Are they passionate about humanity’s impact on the environment? If so, you’ve raised an Activist. They’re hyperaware of harmful ingredients, they champion sustainability and they aren’t afraid to take a stand.

So, it’s important to give your Activist the tools they need to not only feel comfortable in their own skin but also contribute something more to the world around them by using products that align with their priorities. Dove® and Schmidt’s® selections of aluminum-free deodorant are a great place to start. Your Activist just wants to be taken seriously, and with your support, they can exude enough self-confidence to move mountains.

Talking to: Movers

Does your tween play a sport? Dance? Love to run? Well, they’re a Mover! When it comes to tweens on the go, a reliable support system is key to building self-confidence. From family and friends to long-lasting B.O. protection, nothing keeps them going like a comforting sense of security.

Because their favorite activities are naturally sweatier than others, it’s important to support your Mover with dependable personal care. So, they might prefer to choose from a selection of Degree® 48-hour and 72-hour odor protection and easy-spray antiperspirant deodorant when it comes to staying fresh and dry.

Talk with your tween about some of the odor-fighting tools they’ll need to discover their unique Scents of Confidence. Learn more about getting the conversation started here.