Celebrating Diversity and Supporting Inclusivity within Our Stores

We have a diverse set of associates and communities. To celebrate that, we recently launched the following name badge options supporting inclusivity and communication between our associates and customers.

Associates have the option to…

  • Include their pronouns
  • Display another language spoken (besides English) and ways to communicate on a badge attachment, including American Sign Language and various hearing abilities (through the ADA process)

Since launch….

  • More than 400 language (or form of communication) badge attachments have been ordered
  • Over 100 associates have chosen to include their pronouns on their badge!

“The pronouns on my badge represent one form of being inclusive in our work place,” said Amari Walls, Social Media & Event Specialist, Mariano’s, who added pronouns: she/her

“Our customers make up a variety of different people in the DE&I community and it is important for our company to represent. The main way I support is by learning more about the employees. We cannot be supportive if we don’t take the time to learn others’ stories, backgrounds, and how they feel.”

“It is a way to define me,” included Brian, Floral Manager, Mariano’s Bronzeville, who added pronouns: he/him. “Also, an introduction to others, to be respectful of others.”

“I believe we need to be 100% inclusive and accepting of others. This beautiful patchwork quilt of people creates a wonderful tapestry. I feel we need to go out of our way to be inclusive and welcoming.”

A few associates also shared what it means to them to include their language! Nallely, People Services Manager, Mariano's Hoffman Estates included: Spanish.

“Being bilingual has always been an advantage. Spanish is my first language, so to showcase it not only brings me pride; it also gives me a way to invite my assistance.”

“My instinct is to tell customers: Did you need help with anything? I can tell when a customer does not understand from their look of panic when they don’t have the words to respond. With my badge addition, they are prompted to speak to me in their own language. I have gotten so many Thank you so much for your help and I’m so glad you speak Spanish. I encourage associates who speak multiple languages to add theirs!”

Viridiana Bucio, Produce, and Veronica Molina, Front-End, Mariano’s Skokie, also shared what it means to them to add their language: Spanish.

“Not everyone speaks English so helping only Spanish speaking customers/associates whose English is not their first language feels good,” said Viridiana. “It helps having it on display on my name badge by making customers/associates feel comfortable to come up to me and ask for assistance.”

“With the language badge it is easy for them to come and ask for help,” added Veronica. “I could help all Hispanics that don't speak English and make their shopping easier.”

This is a snapshot of the many reasons why these options are important to our associates who’ve chosen to include either (or both) on their badge, and we appreciate these five for sharing!

Next time you shop in-store, keep a lookout on associate name badges as these options just might be a resource for you (or someone you know) when interacting with our associates!