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Chef Lorin Adolph is a lifelong Chicago resident and private chef for client Sam Zell. After honing his skills in fine dining, he became a private chef because he can create inventive dishes in varying styles every night. Chef Lorin shops Mariano’s almost every day to keep his kitchen fresh and stocked. Among his favorites are local bratwurst, produce, veal, and American lamb.


braised pork belly

I love pork belly because it’s season-less. For winter, take apples, apple cider and bourbon, then braise and serve as a first course. Also, never pour bourbon directly from the bottle into the pan. Always take a separate container and then pour it over the meat. You don’t want flame to come to the bottle.

food tip

Lorin Adolph's food tip

herbs de provence

Many people love fried chicken, but it’s not something you should eat everyday. With dried herbs, you can get that crunch people really love. A good herb for chicken or lamb might be Herbs de Provence. It has an incredible versatility. It’s a mixture with rosemary, lavender, thyme and sometimes salt.

food tip


You should always have capers on hand. They go great on smoked salmon, grilled chicken, salads, and even bagels. They make a great garnish with a nice bright vinegar flavor. And they have an amazing shelf life.

Q & A

Which Mariano’s do you shop?

I shop the Mariano’s West Loop and South Loop stores. I’m in the Loop!

Do you do most of the shopping yourself?

I do. It’s a challenge because I have to balance what I have in my client’s pantry and what I’m going to make. If I don’t have what I need or time, I have to make it work.

How does cooking in a home differ from your restaurant experience?

When you cook at home, you can be any restaurant you want to be. One night you can be Asian influenced, one night you can be Italian. You’re not tied down to any one particular food style.

What do you like about shopping at Mariano’s?

I think the staff is wonderful. I love the environment, the lighting, and the aisles are nice and wide. And the selection. I’m a specialty shopper. And there are so many things here that are specialty items.

What’s the first step in trying to recreate a dish at home?

I would first ask someone familiar with the style for guidance. Beyond that, you have to use the knowledge that you have. That’s where your confidence lies.

Is there a good time saving-tip for getting everything done at once?

First figure out what takes the longest. Over the years I’ve been able to create a way of cooking that’s part intuitive but also, knowing how to do things in advance without sacrificing quality.

Tell us about a unique ingredient you’ve used recently?

I like buratta, which is the outside of mozzarella wrapped around a creamy center of cream and mozzarella. It’s showing up on more and more restaurant menus and at Mariano’s too! I use it in both sweet and savory dishes. For savory, I like to serve with slow-cooked cherry tomatoes and a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. For sweet, I like buratta with roasted pears or apples, cinnamon and toasted slivered almonds and a drizzle of honey. So good!

What surprises you most when you shop Mariano’s?

Great local products. And some things you see in magazines that Mariano’s showcases. It’s a way to show Chicagoans that they’re on the pulse and keeping up with the times.

Do you have help or can you prepare a whole party yourself?

I have people come in to help me serve, but no one helps me in the kitchen. That’s all me.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re a well-kept secret?

I see things in the news that someone just made, and I can’t help but say, ‘Hey, I just made that too!’ But I respect who I work for and their private nature. But there’s a part of me that wants to show the world what I do.

Kiki Luthringshausen

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Kiki Luthringshausen is a reformed interior designer of 15 years who fell into her dream job in 2010 as an Epicurean Entertainer. Prior to her big career change, Kiki was a lifestyle expert and writer for local publications and a contributor for live news segments for local affiliates ABC, NBC, WGN and CBS. She is now the official ambassador of Mariano’s and can be seen hosting culinary events around town. As a freelance food and lifestyle writer, she’s also the author behind the popular food blog Beauty and Her Feast. Entrenched in the food industry, Kiki frequents the city’s hottest restaurants while clinking glasses with the most sought after chefs. It’s why she’s the perfect host for Mariano’s Tastemaker series.

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