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Healthy Living Expert

Ashley Pettit's expertise is as well-rounded as the nutritious recipes she loves to create. As a certified holistic nutritionist, fitness chef, and trainer, Ashley has become one of the most recognized and trusted on-air healthy living contributors in Chicago. She built her nationally recognized wellness company, Ashley Pettit Living (APL), to reach thousands of people looking to improve their overall health from the inside out by providing long-term tools for optimal nutrition, fitness, and self-care practices.

Ashley's clientele widely ranges from media personalities and CEOs to busy moms, dads, college students, and brides-to-be. Her dedication to lifelong learning has enabled her to develop three signature services. Launched in late 2016, her online APLiving membership community allows her to work with more clients, while still being accessible through personal monthly calls.

Her nutrition & fitness guide, called the APL "Fad-Free Forever" Plan, offers a 6-week manual of breaking bad habits through smarter food choices of simple recipes with grocery list and workouts to then transition to long-term healthy living.

And finally, Ashley has made a unique name for herself with the APL Healthy Living Concierge service. With on-demand access to Ashley’s curated recommendations and highly monitored accountability, she closely works with clients to eliminate any barriers or excuses to reaching one’s nutrition and fitness goals.

When she's not on-air as an expert or working with clients one-on-one, she's practicing what she's teaches through high intensity interval training and following her own hundreds of whole, homemade recipes. She loves to cook for her 2-year old daughter, Reese, who is already an adventurous eater. Check out Ashley's favorite meals to make after shopping Mariano's at and @AshleyPettitLiving.

What’s in Ashley’s Cart?

Organic Valley Organic Large Brown Eggs – being a mom, I love to make sure my daughter receives healthy protein, so I scramble up some of these eggs for us both for breakfast with salsa, avocado slices, and serve it on whole grain toast.

Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread – you CAN get in whole grains without having gluten and this has been my go-to bread for years. It is amazing how gluten-free, high-quality products have gone mainstream and can be found within Mariano’s.

Avocado – Avocados are an essential in my life as a healthy fat that is definitely on-trend right now, but in my kitchen I use this as a butter replacement in all sorts of creative ways!

Navitas Naturals Sun-Dried Goji Berries – I choose Navitas because I love the brand, but also goji berries because they are a superfood dried fruit without all of the sugar many contain.

Viking Pure Icelandic Yogurt – yes please 19g of protein and not all of the sugar many yogurts pack in. I load mine with berries, a dash of maple syrup, and some crunchy granola or cereal.

Annie Chun's Rice Express Sprouted Brown Rice – who doesn’t need a quick, fiber-filled, healthy grain with their meal? These bowls help you get to your recommended 25-35 grams of fiber per day for healthy digestion and weight management.

Applegate low-sodium Sunday bacon - this is a staple in my kitchen because not only is it without any additives, antibiotics, and preservatives, but it flavors up my weekend breakfast feasts! Favorite dish? My bacon-filled egg white casserole.

SAN-J gluten-free sauces – These are both convenient and gluten-free, which makes them a no-brainer. This week I made a pork tenderloin in my slow-cooker with their Mongolian sauce. Protein + sauce = meals for days ready in the morning!

Fresh Greens like Organic Girl – I love greens and try to get 8-10 cups of veggies in a day to pack my body with healthy vitamins and minerals. Plus, when you buy the baby greens you get more nutrients!

Earthbound Farms Organic Frozen Berries – I am a morning smoothie kind of gal when I’m on-the-go. Berries are great tasting and nutrient-dense, so I put 1 cup of them in my blender with some unsweetened hemp milk, maple syrup, and spinach, and voila!

Brookside Dark Chocolate treats – because we all need a little sweet sometime! Dark chocolate has antioxidants and 2 oz a day isn’t a bad thing as far as portion control and nutrition ;)

La Croix – I tossed soda a long time ago and opt for carbonated, naturally flavored water like La Croix.

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